Miley Cyrus (18th) Is Officially Legal

I just thought I would let everyone know that  is officially eighteen years old and thus became legal for all of my comments,so finally I don’t have to tip toe around the touchy subject anymore with my comments when she insists on wearing inappropriately slutty clothing.

As you can see I make a little diary of Miley’s ‘innocent’ years,with many slutty pictures that include many butt shots, cleavage, boob slip, pussy slip, lesbian kiss, and many many hot stuff.The only thing I can do now is to wish her happy birthday with best wishes to remain so slutty as has already been, and to tell her that from now I expect even more from her and by that I mean soon some of Miley Cyrus nude leaked pictures or simply sex tape.

The first picture is from her 18th birthday party and I’m kinda disappointed.I expected something much more slutty than  in leather pants and a bra.At leasts I was kind of hoping she’d be jumping out of the cake.However,enjoy these pictures and the fact that our little slutty girl is now legal for all you pervert.


Miley Cyrus Taking A Hit Off A Bong

This morning I got this pictures and thought it would be perfect for the end of the working week.They are about young  taking a hit off a bong at a party in her Los Angeles area home just five days after she turned 18 and then her ‘good friends’ sold the video,but a source says it contained salvia, no marijuana….I don’t know if it was marijuana or salvia, I don’t know whether these Miley Cyrus nude photos real or not, I’m just not interested in that part of the story.Here I have more hot  racy photos and no idea if these are more personal leaked pics or from a photoshoot or what, but only I know she is one very slutty young chick.And I love it…Enjoy in these  photos.

Miley Cyrus Leaked Cellphone Pictures

For the beginning of day I found a few new  bad photos and of course wanted to share them with you. Some of them are quite old, but I did not have them on the site, some are new, including this with Kelly Osbourne. The girl in the picture doesn’t look like Kelly Osbourne, but a picture supposedly of the two of them from TwitterThat looks very good given that I have the nightmare memory of what Kelly looks like. Anyhow, I like the picture where we can see hot  and some girl on girl tongue action. Miley continues to be the gift that just keeps on giving, but I still waiting her to do no clothes  shower video or something… Enjoy in these  racy photo.